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How how to drive massive traffic to you,re site,free.As a internet marketer I now how important traffic is.Maybe you for wanna quit because it doesn't,t  work for you.THERE  IS HOPE AND A SOLUTION,the more traffic the more leads and sales.Use pingservices to tell the search engines and RSS directories that you,re website is updated use them twice a week for the best results pingler this one mostly submit to google all over the world you definely has to use bulkling.org it is one of the best free programs submission time 2 seconds and let you,re hit counter scream.2,pingfarm,my pagerank.net it gives you a very good google position and Alexa ranking.My favorite feedsharkbrainblis.com a killer way to start you,re website.Google ping reliable and fast you will built authority back links theses are the back links that stay and accepted by google get a better ranking what means more visitors more clicks Alsomore money and that,s what we need! Bulkping fully automated pingservices submit you,re URL and get 3500 free backlinks! Pingler is a excellent way to ping you,re website to blogsearch/google.Tip  total ping easy way to drive traffic to you,re site.Another very good backlinker is indexking almost 16000/free backlinks work time 1 second thank heaven for it.Seo unity is the backlinker who gives you very good back links work time 1 second, wait and wonder.Go to google backlinks generator submit you,re url or several urls.Realbacklinks and free backlinkbuilder both free to use give you high PR backlinks both 100 back links.Yes it is possible to be in the top 3 of google Why is it so important.96 procent of the visitors uses the top 3 of google,that,s where the big money is.Quality hacklinks are essentian for search  engine optimization.Try this one w3 backlinker 49 links pointing to you,re awasome business.You absolute has to use sitewebinfo 2450/quality back links and again if you look  on the left another 2450 good backlinks worktime 1 second.I'm talk website submitter provides 1800 quality back links free for you! Why is it so important,back links.Google the robot count the backlinks the more quality back links you,re website has the better ranking so don't,t hesitate to submit you,re URL.As you see you do not need to spend money for back links services,use some classified sites to make a ad,theses ads are seen as quality backlinks,just around the corner,there are free places where you can advertise I recommended graiglist,you,re ad will be visible 3 month after that you can renew the ads also FM classified,it takes time to see results and the free places are often not so good as paid ones.Try locante I have 10 ads and 1000 visitors a month! You can also use classified ad submitter free to download hundreds of ads in a few hours! Use it also for a better google position.Listen to you,re favorite music or TV sport program while you are making big money on autopolit 24/7.To work on the internet isn,t as difficult as you,re thinking focus you,re energy on strategies that work,work at home get insane profits.

It will skyrocket you,re website and drive massive traffic to you,re site! Do the seo of you,re website right you,re success depends on you,re google ranking.Focus you,re energy on strategies that work one strategies that will always work is load everyday 20-40/words on you,re website google loves content.You,re website has to have 2000 words focus on good content,and use you,re keywords several times in you,re blog.Within a few weeks you get a top position in google ranking that,s where the gold is! It means more traffic more leads and more sales.It isn,t as hard as you think just do as i told you and the

green river will flow.Free email submitter graiglist submitter and twitter resubmitter one of the best submits all day work time 2 seconds, both free to use(worth 40 dollar).Also  ad blast king also 35 million verified email adresses.Last linkidin submitter also 35 million email adresses linkidin is growing and after facebook the biggest socia media platform,Imagine the traffic you will get sending every hour to 35 million email adresses. It is my favorite way to make money fast.Also free gov backlink generator,325 edu and gov backlinks and free seo tools boost you,re alexa ranking with the program alexa booster,little program but the results are good! Worktime 1second.There are a lot of hungry buyers on graiglist submit you,re website and see you,re account grow! Last linkidin make a profile without any errors and write something excellent make sure to follow 30 people a week is one of the best and biggest social media platforms used by million of people so why not take advantage of it.Instagram is growing the last years,lots of young people are hungry pitential byuers.Yes you can make a excellent online income,get more profit/jobs from home.

look for long tail keywords the days of a single keyword are gone, so take a title keyword with several words! You can use semrush or ubbersuggest so see if the keyword is good enough for you,re site,free for you!  Spy on you,re competition and steal their traffic take the exact keywords.It is legal and not a crime.Use google chrome extensions twitter massfollow and Facebook follow,this is called social media marketing,google is looking for social signals!.Use ping my links my favorite way to ping my url,1600 quality links for free,the paid vetsuon is 10 dollar a month,mire then 2200 backlinks i strongly tecomended to use this service,it gives a better ranking ,more leafs and you will sell more produkts.It is one of the best fast and free programs to ping you,re URL/website,it is free for you! Worktime:2 seconds.Also buffer,post on several social media accounts on several times,twitter facebook and linkidin,linkidin is one of the biggest social media platforms.Twitter is hot and now make a account make it excellent without any errors and follow 40 people a day,then is called ratio=100 procent.You can stream you,re followers bye using manage filter unfollow those  who do not follow you! This is a gamechancer and saves a lot of time.Get insane profits on autopolit with statusbrew very good free marketing tool,,write a good headline,the headline is the first thing people see,pist 21 times a week.Tine to pyt ypu,re legs on ypu,re table and enjoy life!Also google+ post regular on it,it will give you a better ranking and you,re business will grow.It seems especially effective in b2b niches.Post on podcast lot of people use podcast so.post something excellent as a guest blogger.So just do it and be smarter then you,re competion. Follow every day 40 people within a year you,re business will exploot! I have to mention submitshop also post on several social media accounts including instagtam,instagram has grow the last few years and very popular.Same follow every day or week 40 people.You get more leads what leafs to more sales.Don,t neglet email marketing it is one of the best ways to reach people.I use submitmagit.net,place a ad and reach 5 million people,free for you! Also free seo tools,350.000 people you can reach with one ad,work time 2 seconds,write something excellent and place you,re ad.Free for you when you are smart take several titles and put you,re website on steroids. Use the free directorie submitter markusrushworth easy tool to submit you,re url to webdirectories,368 webdirectories for free.Also fast ditectory submitter ad you,re content and let the program work for you!Submit you,re URL.only to google friendly we directories you will avoid google panda and pinguin. It is a great feeling to make big money on the internet on autopolit on It is important because google count the quality backlinks.It will boost you,re seo ranking what means more traffic!You can also use mailchimp to mass email,free for you! Content marketing is very importajt when you want tons of traffic i advice you to load up content to you,re  site twice a week.Google loves content.Search engines will rewarded you with visitors.It takes some effort but the results are amazing.As you see it is possible to make big money on the internet.Last tip go to free gov backlinker where you can find a double opt in email submitter reach more then 350.000/people in 2sec,free for you! There are a few ways to see how much traffic you,re website gets.1 Alexa ranking it is the best now metric for ranking websites.Go to Alexa rank checker to see you,re Alexa rank go to google free gov backlinks fantastic tool to drive insane traffic to you,re site.                                                                                                                                                                       Make a active you tube channel,you tube is the second place for traffic.Load some beautiful you tubes movies and make you,re account exellent,including a link to you,re website! Dear reader all things are possible for those who believe in their dreams and choose to work for a few hours!Free places to advertise,best tool to advertise,classified for free,place a ad in 5000 word cities google accept these ads also as quality backlink.You can also renew you,re ads every day!THE FREE CLASSIFIED SUBMITTER,free to download post 500/ads a session no ghost ads google accept theses as a good backlinks means higher ranking Kore clicks more money LET YPU,RE HITCOUNTER SCREAM. Graiglist is another very good place to advertise visits by millions of people renew you,re ad every week.Unusual.places place a ad on you,re forehead or other body parts,you be suprised.Use the toilet outside and place a link be creative.Place ad in africa or china people don,t advertise often so the chances are big.I,m.very happy that i work from home because it works and believe me a make lots of money!How to create quality high authority back links?1,go to blogger and submit you,re url and keywords they have to be longtail because they rank better.2,Go to google my sites and make back links google loves google back links.3,Go to social submission engine submit you,re url to 10 social media sites one of google ranking factor is social signals, hurry make you,re dreams go true4,Go to printerest and make a pinboard of course with a link to you,re website.Also in the description of you,re image you,re keyword.Manual submission is the best,google do not accept bulk submissions.You can go to google and search for free backlinks from high authority websites.Google bookmarks again submit you,re url da 80 backlink.It will take time and effort to rank you,re website.Personally I work for 2 hours place the back links and let my awasome website bring me money.Yes money that,s what we need.When you have a nr1  position in google ranking you will make thousands of dollars each day,so start writing now,the trend on google is also the more original content the better ranking.Do resource on you,re topic,read a lot and become the expert People will always trust the expert.Searh for high authority bookmarking sites.Search engine optimization has chanced the last few years.So place some content on Facebook,it is the leading social media platform.Twitter is huge and very popular tweet on autopolit use the incredible program buffer.On buffer you can also use LinkedIn a place for new social contacts or a new job.Dogg is another good social media sites to get a quality backlink.After you,re submissions it is time to relax and see you,re website reach sky high.See it all become reality see you,re bank account grow.To be in depended and make big money on the internet gives a great feeling I can pay my bills and take good care of my family.Submission to blog directories it will drive insane traffic to you,re site.Also submission to free we directories who are search engine friendly.                                                                                                                                                                                            Paid advertising: I reccomended google adwords,6 procent of the sales comes from it it is a little bit complicated but you can specify you,re place and keyword this is called ppc you buy a ad and when people click on it you earn money.Another great way is bing ads it is cheaper but the results are great.You should use Facebook ads the biggest social platform used by millions of people and of course twitter,twitter is hot and now so you should take advantage of it.Remember focus you,re energy on strategies that work. When you have a smartphone use traffic bot download for free on google play store,it is the best website generator of this moment get 8000 visitors in a few hours!The last years webtraffic come more and more from mobile sites so make sure you,re website has a mobile site! Global.ad solutions offers free and paid email submitter i strongly reccmend to use the smartphone submitter for every 1 dollar you invest you get 38/dollar.If you have google AdSense on you,re site it is on you,re own risk.Also the free traffic bot you can use it as often as you like for  several website.The paid version is a very good traffic bot especially when you want to make money fast.Cost1,29 dollar.Yep you can do it.Making big money on the internet is easy when you now what free programs really work! Post on guest post like live journal or wall street.Write some quality content and be surprised how many visitors will visit you,re site.It is all about driving webtraffic to you,re site.Dear reader you have got the tools use them and enjoy life.Easy ways to make money/jobs from home.                                                                                                                                          

Broken linkchecker is a place where you can undo the bad backlinks this is important for you,re ranking on google and alexa.SUBMIT YOU,RE SITE TO PROSITEMAP.COM,it is the juice for google,when you have a topposition you can sit back relax see it all become reality.It is all possible believe in you,re dreams and start to work.To you,re luck bastiaanvanbeek,seo expert.

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